Azufier App Guide

The Azufier app is a tool that make you easy to start connecting with your Azufier. It’s also great for early prototyping and learning.
For quick guide , visit Kit Getting Start.

Function Summary

Chat Room

To begin using this function, just type the message in the text field and send it. The message can be “read” by Azufier, and then do whatever you want it to do, such as read some sensors value that connect to azufier, or a virtual wireless keyboard.

Simple IO

Tapping any pin number to select pin functionality. There are four mode selectable

Analog Input

Analog Outpput (PWM)

Digital Input

Digital Output

*Note that A0 and A1 will be Analog Input as default.


You need an extra Display to use this function.This E-ink display will fit azufier perfectly.

After connected to Azufier, a cute display UI will show up.Tap anyplayce within the UI, the display will show the dot directly. Or you can try to draw a line by drag within the UI, and the data will send after your finger up.


Comming Soon!


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